Our Fam

We are the Meyer fam. For the last couple of years we’ve been bouncing around from New York to Baltimore to Cape Town and we’re getting ready to hit the road again soon. No matter where we go, the kitchen is always the heart of our home and where we spend most of our time.


My husband, Mark is an amazing cook, recipe developer and daddy to our, now 3 year old boy, Joely! I love to experiment in the kitchen, bake and document our lives.

Over the last 2+ years we’ve learned a lot about how healthy habits around mealtimes can make the world of difference for the whole family.Most of the food we make is healthy, hearty and gluten-free. The recipes posted here have an emphasis on efficiency. Think one-pot, family-style dishes with minimal prep and easy clean-up.

We try to save time and money in any way possible, because life is expensive and every moment is precious. FAM TO TABLE is dedicated to sharing our food journey with friends, family and anyone who is interested!

Thanks for visiting. We hope you enjoy and please share your experiences with us too 🙂