Meal plan – Spring / Summer

Maybe we’re just not that creative, but I’m realizing that our Spring / Summer meal plan looks A LOT like our Fall / Winter meal plan. We tend to cook the same parade of proteins regardless of the season, what does change a lot is the SIDES. We try to embrace the seasonal crops and in the warmer months tend to make meals that include lots and lots of fresh vegetables!! Here is what we’ve been cooking up this Spring / Summer:

Monday Meatball Bowl – In the warmer months we like to make meatball bowls. We eat them kale, grains, often some roasted veg (such a cauliflower) and lots of tahini for dipping. If you’ve never had a grain bowl with meatballs for your protein, trust me and try it. So many great flavors to work with and what kid wouldn’t love a meatball bowl?!

Tuesday Taco Bowl – Some nights we use our fave 3 bean chili as our key ingredient and some nights we mix it up with steak fajitas. We almost always serve a taco bowl with rice and guacamole. This is such an easy one and the leftovers are always a winner.

Wednesday Chicken Bowl –  Are you noticing a theme yet? Pretty much all of our meals are a bowl of some sort. Dont ask me why, it just seems more fun. Also a little note for fussy kids who dont like there food to mix, for Joel the “bowl” has opened him up to mixing his rice and veggies. It some how makes the dish more inviting. Anyway, back to the chicken. Lately we’ve been loving these pan-fried crispy chicken nuggets but we have a lot of plays on chicken. Like this easy sheet pan chicken with cabbage and carrots recipe.It’s such a versatile protein and sometimes in a pinch sometimes we just grab a roast chicken from Whole Foods! We usually serve our chicken up with potatoes or butternut and greens.

Thursday Fish Bowl – this is by far my favorite thing to eat on warm day! The flavors are fresh and light. We make this dish with salty skin-on salmon served with grains, greens and lots of ferments. The flavors work so well together. Joel loves the crispy salmon skin and can never get enough beet kraut!!

FRIDAY: FAMILY NIGHT OUT – a new tradition now that Joel is getting a little older and bedtime is getting later. It’s so nice to get a break from cooking and enjoy a night out as a fam!

On the weekends we usually BBQ and make lots of sides!


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