Elimination diet for the mind

Have you ever tried a sugar detox? After about two weeks with no sugar you first time you eat something sweet its as if your tastebuds have been reborn. Even a banana can taste sickly sweet. It’s kind of amazing. That’s what living without TV for a month is like for the mind. When we moved we got rid of tv (mostly for logistical reasons) and it’s turned out to be the best decision ever. I’m literally blown away by the difference it’s made in our lives. Here are my revelations:

1. Most surprising to me I don’t miss it one bit. And this comes from a former tv junkie. Before Joel was born Mark & I would have 6 hr movie marathons on the reg and could easily crush a series in a wkend. Now that temptation isn’t there. Out of sight out of mind. Yes we’re aware our timing for this little experiment sucks with GOT starting, I’m ok with it…

2. It’s way easier to be productive without that big distraction on the wall. Organize the cupboards. Why not? Meal prep. What else am I doing!?

3. More sleep. We’re lame and usually get in bed early, but without the lure of tv keeping us up, it’s easier to get in bed 30 minutes earlier and read for a bit. Just that little bit of extra rest time makes the quality of sleep so much better.

4. I feel less antsy / irritable. See above! Can’t say why exactly. Maybe it’s a screen time thing, or a sleep thing, but the impact was instant and very noticeable.

5. Deeper more meaningful convos with the husband. Our old routine used to be: Get joel to bed. Clean up. Collapse on couch. Quick chat. Watch shark tank. Bed. Now…. We clean up. Pour a glass of wine / make some tea and sit on the couch and talk for a long time. This feels GOOD. Rituals are so grounding.

6. More time to learn new skills! I’ve been obsessed with hand lettering for a while and I’m finally taking the time to practice. I’m not very good but it’s super therapeutic and fun.

7. Embrace the podcast. When you have NPR what else do you need!? Oh, the news! For Joel, he stopped asking for tv after 1 day but he loves Story Pirates and we listen together often.

Oh yeah, saving on that cable bill!

I still don’t think TV is the devil and I’m sure someday we’ll have one again. This is not for everyone. For our fam TV wasn’t adding value and sometimes cutting something out completely can help bring that into focus. Like an elimination diet for the mind! I hope this helps someone figure that out!


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