Hearty split pea soup

This is the heartiest ever split pea soup – full of nutrient dense all natural ingredients including the most delicious bone broth and stewing beef.

The night before snowstorm stella hit New York we made a mad dash to Whole Foods to stock up on supplies only to find that they now stock Brodo Broth – JACKPOT. Their sipping broth is the most warming thing you will ever have in your cup. With a carton from Brodo and a blizzard on the way it seemed appropriate to cook up a big batch of split pea soup in the instant pot.

We kept this recipe super rustic because baby boy loves to dip his fingers in and pull out hunks of carrots and potatoes.

1 large onion chopped
3 medium carrots chopped
3 large potatoes, diced
2 cloves garlic chopped
1lb stewing beef
1 bag split peas
32oz beef stock
lug of EVOO

Add all the ingredients to the Instant Pot. Top up with water to make sure everything is covered. Cook under pressure for 30mins and allow to depressure naturally.


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