Beef & Butternut Chili

Over the years we’ve experimented with different protein / veggie combos to create the ultimate chili and THIS IS IT! There is so much flavor in this bean chili combined with ground beef and butternut. It is warm and bold with just a hint of sweetness. Cook it up now, slice some fresh avocado and enjoy! Our version is for the instant pot, but can be adapted for slow cooker or stove top.

2lbs ground beef
1 x butternut peeled and chopped
1 x can pinto beans
1 x can black beans
1 x can kidney beans
1 x can chopped tomatoes
1 x teaspoon garlic powder
2 x teaspoon onion powder
2 x teaspoon paprika
1 x teaspoon cumin

Add a few generous lugs of olive oil, salt, pepper, spices and beef into the Instapot and saute until meat is browned.

Add the remaining ingredients and cook under pressure for 30 mins.

We like to serve over rice / quinoa topped with some fresh avocado. Enjoy!


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